It's time for destruction.
Anonymous: I followed your new blog! its perf! but Why are you deleting this blog and making a new one?

Im deleting this blog because too many people I know in real life found it and I really don’t like the idea of it so yeah

Made a new blog, I will soon be deleting this one. For those who actually like my posts please message me your url so i can follow you on my new one. Thank you c:




if you don’t watch supernatural, what are you doing with your life

Probably being happy.

you have a point

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“ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??” the hyped-up rock singer shouts at the wild crowd. suddenly everyone goes silent. one lone soul from near the back shouts back “no, we arent.” everyone else murmurs in agreement. the concert is over.

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pokeballs that shake three times and open anyway are the reason I have trust issues

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my whole life is just “oh ok”

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